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  1. hi! we will be travelling to osaka this november. on our 3rd day we will go to kyoto. what train are we going to ride when we're going to kyoto (morning - arashiyama then afternoon fushimi inari shrine). then going back to osaka as well. also can i use the Icoca card in kyoto? will be staying near the imamiya station in osaka. thank you.
  2. thank you for your reply. so I can get off at shin-imamiya, i thought i can only alight at namba station. I'm also considering the Nankai Airport Express but wifey wants to seat comfortably while on the train, lol!
  3. hi! we will be traveling to osaka on november. our hotel is near imamiya station. I’m planning to ride the Limited Express rapi:t from kansai airport then drop at shin-imamiya but the ticket that i saw online that i can bought is up to namba station. my question is, is there any online ticket where i can buy for limited express rapi:t from kansai airport to shin-imamiya because the only train that i saw is the nankai - limited express. thank you!