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  1. Hi everyone, I will be visiting Hakone soon and I would like to know that among the transportation included by the Hakone Free Pass (Tozan Densha, Tozan Cable Car, Tozan Bus, Tokai Bus, etc), on which transportation can I bring my luggage (those large ones carried on airplanes)? I am worried because my hotel is a bit far from Hakone-Yumoto. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks above for Michael and the administrator's reply!
  3. Does the train for "Osaka Loop Line" destination (環状線行き) arrives at Tennoji -> Osaka -> Kyobashi -> Tennoji and terminates there? And destination "Osaka/ Kyobashi" (大阪/京橋行き) arrives at Tennoji -> Osaka -> Kyobashi and terminates there? Thanks!
  4. (The photos are searched from the internet for illustration only. All of the copyrights belong to the publisher and the content creator. No copyright infringement intended.)
  5. Hi everyone, There are many routes with their alphabet (mark), like "A" for JR Kobe Line, JR Kyoto Line, etc, and "O" for Loop Line, as well as "R" for Hanwa Line and etc... There is a display on the train showing which type of service (like Special Rapid Service 新快速, Local 普通, etc). I wonder why are there so many types of combination for a same service, like "O"/"S" for the same type 関空快速 (Special Rapid Service), and "O"/"Q" for the same 大和路快速 (Yamatoji Rapid Service), and "O"/"P" for the same 普通 (Local) within the Loop Line, what are the differences for the different Alphabet next to the train type (種別)? Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I have seen "Kansai Airport Rapid" trains departing from Kansai Airport Station stating destination of "Osaka Loop Line" and "Osaka/ Kyobashi", what are the differences between them? It is strange that both Osaka and Kyobashi are on the Loop Line... Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!