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    Lieber Toraneko Besten Dank für die freundliche und informative Rückmeldung! Ich freue mich Koyasan auch meinen Freunden zeigen zu können. Besonders "Okunoin" hat mich bei meinem Besuch (2019) besonders beeindruckt! Freundliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz Ernst (grosser Japan-Fan, dieses Jahr der 17. Besuch)
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    Sorry I don't know German, but as far as I know there is no special discount for groups using the Koyasan World Heritage Ticket. You might contact the rail operator, Nankai, directly and see if they have some alternatives, or else try a Japanese travel agent. Otherwise, the regular ticket cost per person is 3,080 yen by regular trains, or by the faster limited express it is 3,630 yen. No matter what, don't miss seeing Okunoin, which is magnificent. And if you want to see it at night as well, make sure you stay at a temple or place with NO curfew! Best regards.
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    Gibt es für eine Gruppe von 13 Personen beim "Koyasan-World-Heritage-Ticket" einen Rabatt bzw. was ist der Preise pro Person?! Besten Dank für die Rückmeldung!
  6. Unfortunately we don’t have any information about the incident you described. We sincerely hope hope that everything turned out ok.
  7. Hello, During my stay in Kyoto end of March 2020 I saw an old lady collapsing just outside Kyoto station. Her husband and son (50 years old?) were with her but were in panic and couldn't get her up. It was fairly cold outside maybe 10 celsius. In an instant I run to her, picked the lady up and brought her in at one of the side entrances to the staion and laid her on a row of seats. Checked her heartbeat, we told her husband to call a doctor and we left. This thing has been nagging me for a whole month: what has become of the lady involved??
  8. The Limited Express Hokuto runs between Sapporo and Hakodate. For details please refer to this article:
  9. Hi, 1. Yes. But don't take the Kodama - it stops at every station, and will take you nearly an extra hour. 2. If too big, you can't bring it at all. More info is here. Making seat reservations with the full JR Pass is free. Another option is sending your bags by a luggage forwarder. 3. Yes, but the subway is not covered by the pass. 4. Generally no, except for the luggage issue you raised as well as during peak travel seasons (end/start of the year, Golden Week, etc).
  10. It really makes no sense to take a train that way - it would take you over 9 hours, completely murdering the day. And right after flying around the world on a long airplane trip? It defies logic. If you are already at Narita, why not fly? If you don't include the flight as part of your international ticket, there are dirt cheap airfares on ANA's Experience Japan Fare, as well as low cost carriers like Jet Star and Peach. Money is one important consideration, but so is time, if you are on a limited trip to Japan.
  11. About 3 hours & 45 minutes. You can see schedules, fares etc on Hyperdia.
  12. This site has more info: A lot depends on what exactly you mean by "go to Mt Fuji". Most people visit the Hakone or the Fuji 5 Lakes area. A few climb the mountain. And then there is taking a bus up to the 5th Station, as high as you can go by vehicle, but it is a total waste of time. There is no scenery, since you are standing on the mountain. There is little reason to go there at all, unless you want to start climbing to the top.
  13. Please see here:
  14. The Kansai Wide Area Pass would not cover Hiroshima & Miyajima. You should look at the Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass.
  15. The Olympics getting postponed aside, there are 3 bullet train stations for Tokyo - Shinagawa, Tokyo Stn and Ueno. Shinagawa has bullet trains heading south (Tokaido route), Ueno has trains going north and northwest (Nagano, Tohoku etc) and Tokyo Stn has both.
  16. Please see:
  17. You do not need to buy multiple IC cards. There are around a dozen of them, and they all are nearly completely interchangeable. Major cities like you mention are no problem, but you cannot use the IC cards "everywhere", "all across Japan" etc, as so many misinformed people online keep saying. The chart below can help you.
  18. Yes, of course - just look on Google Maps.
  19. In your case, while you could barely break even on a 7-day pass, as you mentioned, the validity is 7 consecutive days. If you don't like that, it would be better to skip the JR Pass - for Nikko you can use a Nikko Pass, and just get regular tickets the rest of the way. For an open-jaw itinerary like yours, it is often a waste of money to get a JR Pass, and online there is no shortage of fools who keep saying everyone should get one no matter where they are going. You can save a lot of money on a pass if you do a lot of long distance travel, especially by bullet train, but you should always first check to see if you are at least breaking even first. There are often cheaper alternatives like some regional passes or other options.
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  21. I know I'm much too late on this, but for anyone going to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, then you should also consider Nara. It's also very easily accessible from Osaka, and has much more ancient history than Kyoto. You can take a guided tour of tombs, temples, or just nature there (free) using the app provided by the Nara Kofun and Heritage Foundation (link below)
  22. Hi, I read that the Nagoya Station has lockers, both on the Sakura-Dori side and the south east side (closer to the Hirokoji Ticket Gates), and they come in three sizes priced at 300, 500 and 600 yen (and 300, 400, and 700 yen respectively). Can you please tell the larger one size? I can't find it anywhere. Here I can found a "868 mm height x 355 mm width x 645 mm depth" but the last topic says that the size is wrong... Please help me, many thanks, best regards, Davide
  23. I will be in Kyoto on March 31 to April 6, 2020 I want to take a ride to a hello kitty train. Where will I go, which station and what time? Please give any details of the hello kitty train. Thank you very much
  24. Hello, I am arriving at HND airport and staying in Asakusa, Can I buy the 48 hours Tokyo Metro Pass at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center? Thanks
  25. I will be in Tokyo during the Olympics,but I do not want to stay in the center of it all'There are 5 adults in my group. Does anybody know which city closest to Tokyo,has a station for the bullet? Would I be able to use this option in order to travel to the Budokan and the Olympic stadium? Anybody knows how long is this travel option going to take? Any other options someone can suggest?
  26. Here is the English language contact page on Hotel Kanazawa's website:
  27. Gold leaf is Kanazawa's specialty. You can find shops selling gold candy in the Kanazawa Hyakubangai shopping area at the station. For more information please visit this page: Kanazawa Hyakubangai – Shopping at Kanazawa Station
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