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  3. Hi Chilly, About your doubts: 1) Yes, you can use your JR Pass for Hikari and Kodama trains. The only trains that you can't take with this pass are Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen bullet trains: 2) If you're a Japan Rail Pass holder, booking a seat is free of charge: 3) If I were you, I would check it on Hyperdia. It's an online transportation planning tool that enables you to plan your trip from station to station: 4) My advice is: if you already have your itinerary mapped out, make seat reservations for your entire stay in Japan. I hope all this information helps you.
  4. Hi, Would like to know how long does it take to travel from Hakodate to Sapporo? Planning for February next year. Can JR Pass be used? Thank you.
  5. Stefan

    Lost things

    Hi Evgeny, The Japan Railways lost property service is quite good. If you have lost something on a JR train, there is a chance that you’ll recover your belongings. When a member of staff finds something on a train, they hand it to one of the lost and found counters where it is kept for around one week. After this, the lost property is transferred to the regional Police Lost and Found Center. If collecting your lost property isn’t convenient, and you are still in Japan, you can choose to have your lost items posted to you for a small charge. Source:
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  7. Hi, I am from Osaka, monday morning, and my flight back is at Haneda Tokyo evening. From Osaka, will it be easy to go to Kawaguchiko before leaving for Haneda? (I have JR Pass).
  8. I am travelling to Japan for the first time and will be using a 14 day JR rail pass. In cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo is their a central railway station in each city where the bullet train services between cities depart and arrive? For example is the Kyoto Rail Station the right place to board such a service to Tokyo or elsewhere? If there is a central station in each city this will make finding a hotel nearby in each city much easier Thanks Ross
  9. Hi there, My destination is Nagoya. If I take Narita express to Tokyo station and then take Shinkansen bullet train to Nagoya. 1)Can I use JR pass for hikari or kodama train (understand jr pass not available for Nozomi train) ? If not available for Jr pass, how much for the cost 2)Starting may 2020, if I have bigger luggage, I have to make seat reservation. Do I need to pay extra cost if using Jr pass? If yes, can go to jr ticket office for exchange ticket and pay seat reservation cost? After traveling Nagoya, I will be go to Yokohama, osanbashi pier. 3) can I take Shinkansen bullet train and stop at shin-Yokohama station and take metro to Osanbashi pier? 4) do I need to reserve the seat as well. Thanks
  10. Hey! Are you also looking for new friends from different countries? Or maybe want to learn a new language? At WABI SABI we host language exchange every month and would love to have you swing by! こんにちは! 様々な国の友達を作って新しい言語を学びませんか?? ゲストハウスWABI SABI OSAKAでは、これから新たに国際交流イベントを開催していきますので、ぜひお気軽にお越しください。 The first time we do this, the event will be hosted by a Danish and a Polish guy. So whether you are studying English, Japanese, Danish or Polish then we'll be able to assist you! Share your traditions, language and culture while spending a good time at a new cozy cafe! 初回はデンマーク人のアレックスとポーランド人のグレグがスタッフとして参加します。 英語、デンマーク語、またはポーランド語に興味がある方は二人のスタッフがサポートします!おしゃれなカフェバーで楽しい時間を過ごしながら、新しい言葉や文化をシェアしましょう。 The event starts at 3 PM and finishes around 5 PM but you can stay longer, and take advantage of our happy hour, if you want to! The event includes 1 drink (coffee, macha smoothie, tea or juice) and one desert for just 1000 yen! or add an extra 200 yen for amazing Japanese craft beer! イベントはPM3時からPM5時までを予定しています。 参加費は1,000円でドリンク1杯(コーヒー、紅茶、抹茶スムージー、ジュースなど)とデザートが含まれています。クラフトビールやその他のお酒を飲みたいかたは+200円になります。 ちなみに会場のカフェバーではイベント後にハッピーアワーでお酒が楽しめますよ! Please note that most guests tend to come alone so don't be put off if you have a friend that can't join this time. Also note that the amount of people joining is expected to be higher than the amount you see on meet up as the event is promoted on different sites. < このイベントのポイント > ほとんどのゲストは一人で来られる予定です。もちろんお友達と参加して頂いてもOKですが、お一人での参加も大歓迎です。 So please come on over and enjoy a good time at the cafe INARI GLEAN! :) 一緒に楽しい時間をお過ごしましょう! :)
  11. Is the Kansai Thru Pass can be use going to Tea Ceremony Camellia FLOWER 349-12 Masuyacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0826? Thanks in advance!
  12. Please refer to our Giude to Lost & Found in Japan:
  13. Please refer to our Guide to Lost & Found in Japan:
  14. Evgeny

    Lost things

    On November 9, I left a brown wallet with money and credit cards on the Sakura 552 train at Shin-Osaka Station in an armchair. Tell me what should I do? Where to go
  15. I left my Bose headphones on the NEX when we traveled from the airport to Tokyo on the 31st of October around 7pm. Think it was terminating at Yokohama? Is there a lost and found or someplace like that where I could go to have a look on the off chance some nice person handed them in? Cheers
  16. Stefan

    Universal studios

    Hello Dan, From Osaka Station City, you should take the Osaka loop line, also known as Osaka Kanjo line, to Nishikujo Station, then, take the Sakurajima line (also known as Yumesaki line) to Universal-City Station. Once in there, Universal Studios Japan is under 5 minutes walk. The whole trip is about 13 minutes, several trains run per hour, departing about every 15 minutes. Source:
  17. There are some Osaka Loop line trains that go directly to Universal Studios. You can find the schedule on transit planner websites like Google Maps or Hyperdia. The direct train will have Sarurajima as the destination. For more details please refer to this article:
  18. Hello, we are traveling to universal studios from Osaka station. I understand there is a direct train on the Osaka loop line to Universal studios. Does this mean it won’t be necessary to get off at Nishikujo? Also how will these trains be indicated as opposed to the ones that continue on the loop? Thsnk you.
  19. Planning to buy a 1-Day Nara Bus Pass. Can i use this for the City Loop buses? Where is the bus stop?
  20. Hi, can i use the above mention card for Kansai aiport to Nippombashi? Also using the 2 cards for travel in train, subway and bus from Nippombashi area to Kyoto and Nara? I saw some route taken name JR. So can use this 2 cards for the transfer?
  21. You can buy a ticket at the Nankai Railway's ticket office at the Rinku Town Station. You can find more information about the airport express on this page:
  22. Hello, where can I purchase rapid express ticket at rinku town station? My itinerary is KIX-Rinku Premium Outlet-Namba Station. Should I go to Midori no Maguchi at Rinku Town Station to purchase rapid ticket? Or should I purchase it before at KIX? Thanks.
  23. At the moment there is no reservation service for oversized luggage. There will be special luggage area on shinkansen trains with reservations starting from May 2020. You can find more information in this article: We suggest using a luggage delivery service: Your hotel or a tourist information counter can assist you with sending your luggage. From Kyoto to Tokyo luggage is usually delivered on the next day.
  24. Greetings, I need to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo by train but have several oversized luggage pieces with me. Luggage: 1 x Rimowe Trunk - 60 lbs - 80cm L x 37cm D x 41cm W 2 x Pelican Cases - approx 25 lbs each - 56cm L x 23cm D x 36 cm W 1 x Tenda Case - 60 lbs - 27cm L x 27cm D x 99 cm W We don't mind paying for them, but I cannot seem to find out that we can take them or that we can pay for them to accompany. We are travelling from Canada and the trip to Tokyo will be on October 30 at night. I would like to pre-book and pre-pay if possible. If it is not possible, what is another option? Thanks so much, Mandy Kane
  25. Many thx for your advice Japan Station Master.
  26. Nice to meet you It is a Myojo sightseeing bus that operates SKY BUS KYOTO. Thank you for introducing our SKY BUS as an article. This is a 4-hour bus tour of SKY BUS KYOTO introduced on the website, but the corresponding course is not currently operating. Many foreign customers visit the website of JAPAN STATION, but there are many inquiries about the 4-hour course. Please add a sentence such as "Currently this course is not in operation" or delete the article. Thank you.
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